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A Grand Adventure

Journey through dozens of Universes full of your favorite games and anime like Naruto, Solo Leveling, and All Pokemon Regions to collect and level up Cards, Pets, and Accessories. Play competitively in PVP or push past your limits in the Abyss.

Tales Mode

Play through Universe Tales to earn drops, money, and to unlock new Universes!

Dungeon Mode

Earn Universe Dungeons by completing their Tales. In Dungeon Mode you will face off against much stronger opponents who are allied with Pet companions! Earn greater rewards in Dungeons.

Boss Mode

Universe Bosses are unleashed upon conquering the Dungeon! Universe Bosses are nearly impossible with rewards to match the intensity!

Enter The Abyss

The Abyss is a true test of skill to level up in our universal ranking system. The Abyss is a road journeyed solo.

Play With Friends

Play through all modes in co-op with a friend or customize an AI companion to accompany you on your travels! Create Teams to earn money and honor, Guilds to for Guild raiding and other events, or even get married and build a family!